How to Critically Watch a Film

Watching a film could be a relaxing activity, especially if you opt for a comedy. It is believed that laughing could reduce the levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. If you are looking for something more serious, a drama or tearjerker may be more to your taste. This genre has also been shown to lower stress levels, as well as promoting empathy and the need for social interactions.

Where can I watch a film for free?

Often, when watching หนังใหม่ uncritically we will know whether we enjoyed them or not – a good script might be spotted and some great acting delivered, or the bad points of a plot might be obvious, such as implausible action sequences or a dragged-out finale. The aim of viewing a film critically is to look beyond these individual elements and try to understand the way that they work together.

For example, a film might use lighting to create a mood, or it might use watery cuts, dramatic/weird angles and flashbacks to communicate information about the storyline. All of these elements combine to form a cinematic language that the best movies use seamlessly, like Citizen Kane, for its message about the power of media and memory.

Other aspects of a film might be easier to notice, such as a director’s aesthetic preferences or the way that a particular genre has been approached. For example, a viewer might notice that Wes Anderson tends to use bright colours and quirky characters in his movies, or that Quentin Tarantino favours extreme, unrealistic violence in his films.


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