The Art of Futures Trading

Futures trading is a great way to make money in the financial markets. However, it requires knowledge and education, as well as the courage to make trading mistakes.

Some futures traders 니켈 거래 specialize in just a few sectors, and others trade all or most of them, depending on the type of strategy they choose. They often do so because they have an edge and understanding of those markets’ fundamentals and economic trends, or because they approach them with technical analysis.

There are two types of futures traders: hedgers and speculators. Hedgers are concerned about price volatility, and seek to lock in prices at the current market level as much as possible. Speculators seek to take advantage of a rise or fall in a security’s price, and they can do this by shorting the futures contract or by buying a long contract.

If a short position in a futures contract is exercised, the investor sells at a predetermined price that is lower than the market. Then, if the underlying asset increases in value, they buy back the futures contract at a higher market price, making a profit.

The Psychology of Trading: Emotions and Decision-Making in Futures Trading

Traders who trade futures use complex strategies, and even the best can make mistakes when it comes to trading. Brokers typically require a high level of financial knowledge and suitability before letting you start trading.

Many investors trade futures to diversify their portfolios, or to get direct exposure to underlying assets such as oil or gold. Other professionals use futures contracts as a risk management tool, or to forecast economic conditions.


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